Basic Principles of Tracking God

Step Two: Identify

man identifying


Basic Principle: No event in life exists independently. Everything is related. The goal is to see how each event fits in with the others in the story.



How Did It Happen?

A. Track each scene of the story

1. Notice the movements of the characters from scene to scene

2. Determine what links the different scenes into a whole story

B. Track a character throughout the story

1. How are they described?

a. Their physical appearance

b. Their speech

c. Their actions

2. How do they intereact with other people?

3. How do their actions compare with God’s character?

4. At the end the story, how have they changed?

a. What has caused the changes?

b. What was the process of change?

c. What would have happened if the character had chosen a different path?


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