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Step Three: Profile

Basic Principle: The Bible is ultimately the story of God. When we search for the meaning in a certain passage, it is important to allow God Himself to explain what He is doing and why He is doing it in that certain way. This process is done by reflection upon God’s instruction and promises and matching them with those events or situations that reveal His work and the fulfillment of His reflecting


What Does It Mean?

A. Reflect upon the story from the viewpoint of God’s agenda

1. Blessing/Deliverance—God's power to us enabeling us to live righteousnessly and be overcomers

2. Knowledge of God—specific character traits of God that are more clearly revealed in the story

3. Community—evidence that God is re-creating a society that is overcoming selfishness in serving God and others

4. Rest—progress in living by faith and enjoying a meaningful life, resting in God's finished work

B. Reflect upon those elements of the story that contrast God’s ways and Satan’s ways

1. Compare God’s agenda with Satan’s alternative as revealed in the story

2. How did Satan seek to sabotage God’s plans?

C. Reflect upon how the characters in the story illustrated either God’s character and agenda or Satan’s character and agenda

1. How did the people in the story show inner lives?

2. What factors were at work to influence them to serve God or Satan?


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