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        Tracking God combines the skills of intelligent reading and correct Bible interpretation methods with the techniques of nature observation, tracking and character profiling. This combination of skills enables the participant to actually get acquainted with God in a relevant manner because it focuses on His behavior and character as revealed in the Scriptures. The result is a knowledge of God based upon simple, direct evidence gleaned from the Bible itself. This evidence can be easily grasped, yet will challenge the Bible student in a deeply spiritual way. For the student who learns to track God through His revealed word, the Bible will become the exciting story of God and how He interacts with people as He seeks to guide us to new and enthusiastic Spirit-led life.

Who will Benefit from this Seminar?

  •  Those who have never read their Bible for themselves
  • Those who have read their Bible, but desire a deeper experience
  •  Pastors, church elders, Bible teachers, laypeople—anyone who is responsible for teaching the Bible to others
  •  Students ages 12—adult

What to Expect from a Tracking God Seminar

  •  A renewed interest in Bible study
  • Form a strategy for Bible study that specifically guides you to focus on God's behavior and character as the best way to truly know Him
  •  Develop a deeper appreciation for God's life-changing power in your personal walk with Him
  •  Acquire a fresh method for identifying the spiritual applications of the Bible stories
  •  Discover how to organize your Bible knowledge into a useable source of information for everyday guidance
  •  Learn an approach to study which emphasizes the Bible's historical and geographical details in a fascinating manner
  •  Gain a new awareness of God's creation and its ability to teach you spiritual truth

Seminar Format

The seminar is conducted like a class.  Participants will interact with the instructor, as well as work together in small groups.  Each student will receive a manual containing the principles of proper learn in a casual environmentBible study methods and interpretation.  The seminar utilizes intriguing nature and tracking activities to reinforce the lessons.  The program is designed to foster an interest in deeper Bible study in students from junior high age to adult.

During the seminar, the participants will actually work their way though an entire book or a major section of a book of the Bible.  Some of the frequently used Bible books studied in this seminar are Genesis, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Esther, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, Daniel, and the Gospel of John.

A seminar schedule usually consists to two to three days over a weekend, beginning Friday evening and extending to Sunday morning.  Shorter seminars can be arranged.  Cost is minimal.  Contact us for more information and schedule options.  The seminar is a non-denominational program, suitable for all Christian churches and schools.

Tracking God Seminars

Robert Van Ornam

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