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Tracking God means learning a new approach to reading and studying our Bibles.  To begin, learn to ask the following questions:

  •  What happened in the story—the action, places and dialogue?
  •  Why did this event happen this way (what other options were possible)?
  •  What kind of God would do these things (what does this say about God's character)?
  •  For what reasons would God do (or permit) these events to happen as they did?
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Learn the Basic Tracking Concepts

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What is Tracking God?

    "The Bible is not a collection of isolated fragments,  it is a vast system of recurring images, character types, plot motifs, and type scenes.  As we read a given biblical passage, we are reminded of other similar material elsewhere in the Bible.  In this process, the Bible assumes a remarkable unity in our thinking." (Leland Ryken: How to Read the Bible as Literature, p. 179).

There is a basic need to individually "know in Whom we have believed." How can our Bible study be more rewarding and help us to gain this knowledge? We would benefit by examining the whole process of Bible study, including our expectations,Robert Van Ornam teaching to see if we might be missing any of God's intended blessings. To accomplish this, we need to ask some probing questions, questions about God and about ourselves. Such penetrating questions might be uncomfortable, but the process is necessary for us to gain true spiritual insight.

Once begun, the study affords us the opportunity to know God as Jesus knew Him. Like Abraham and Mary Magdalene, such a desire to know God pulls on us like a strong magnetic force. Deep down inside we know we really NEED to know God like they did! Let's begin our Bible study adventure by learning a new approach to study.

    What can you expect to gain?

  •  A new sense of joy from reading your Bible
  •  A knowledge of God and His kingdom
  •  An understanding of what a relationship with God means in Biblical terms; how it begins and how it is maintained
  •  The ability to apply Bible truth to your every day life and develop a Christ-like character
  •  The most important result is the ability to engage our minds and hearts in seeing and appreciating God's life and His purposes as we are lifted out of our self-centered concerns and transformed into His likeness.

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